SMM Engineering AG (Switzerland), the engineering, innovative, investment company, the private independent enterprise, transacting its business in the European Union, Asia and the CIS countries. The key activities of the company are the development of small energy, water treatment, automation of technological processes in industry and software development for business as well as project financing.

At the present time SMM Engineering AG is the reliable business partner of a number of the European engineering companies and manufacturers in the energy, automation and water treatment sector. We offer the durable technological solutions catering to the specific demands of each individual project.

The tight-knit team of the highly qualified experts with over the ten-year experience is ready to provide project and export financing organization via the bank-partners in Austria and Germany with the involvement of the export insurance agencies in the EU and Switzerland.

Why choose Project financing?

We also provide our customers and partners with the acquisition of funding for their projects on very advantageous terms (credits financing for 8-10 years with the possibility of deferral up to two years at the funding rate of 3,5 %)